When Bigotry Begets Fallacy

Common Enemies Or Common Conspirators
In Truth We Trust
 Go Figure!
Commentary By Publisher
Point Three : Why Does Canada Provide Scientific And Engineering Technology [i.e., the Space Arm] To The ISS If Canada Is So dedicated To Demonizing Russia Over The Ukraine ?
Point Four : Why are Banks Who Deal With ISIS Not Classified As Terrorist Conspirators ?
Point Five : Hands Up Please ... Who Remembers The Gulf Of Tonkin Conspiracy Theories ?
Point Six : How Many Ukrainians Did Canada Inter Into Camps During WWI ? 
Point SevenWhat Deal Did Borden Enter Into With Britain Regarding Troops To Be Supplied ?
Point Eight : Why Did Canada And Britain Refuse The Iroquois Confederacy Emissary Chief Deskaheh The Right To Speak At The League Of Nations Meeting In Switzerland in 1923 ... When 5 Other Nations Approved Of This Delegation Petition ?

Old History ??? Ask BC How Many Indigenous Native Peoples Are Interred In Prison In Canada ? ... Or ... Think Residential Schools Are A Thing Of The Past ? ... Ask How Many Indigenous Native Children Are Still Seized Into Care Every Year ? ... Or ... When Did Indigenous Native Settled Peoples Relinquish BC Territory Land Title To HBC / Canada / "BC" - Where Is The Treaty ? Who Had Legal Capacity To Enter Into A Treaty ? ... Why Does Canada Not Register Indigenous Native Settled Peoples Treaties At The UN As As Required ??? ...

Summary : It is not possible to apply logic to international political machinations ... But, that does NOT mean that we should cease to try ...

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