Kwa'mutsun Nation State

Posted By Editor RC Goodwin
" ... My Kingdom For A Horse ... "

On Feb 4th, 2015 HRM Hwuneem attended BC provincial court in Victoria twice in order to establish her presence in an <$5000 criminal matter related to one of her Kwa'mutsun Nation State subjects who is in dispute with Sears Canada.

HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem is the absolute monarch of this independent sovereign Kwa'mutsun Nation State. And, Elizabeth's judicial actors were not too impressed ... in fact sufficiently disrespectful to warrant this commentary.

You see, Crown Canada is under siege from this waking giant called the non-relinquished first settlers ... you know, those folks who seem to have been here forever.

And, that is the intended political point being made by this HRM Hwuneem attendance in Victoria ... this issue of "since time began ..."
HRM Hwuneem was born in 1932; and, her royal lineage stretches back consecutively more than 10 millenia {more than 10,000 years}. She knows that she is the law within her dominion - which reaches out from Kwa'mutsun in the Quw'utsun Valley of Duncan; across the pond over and up through Squamish; to Hell's Gate; and, finally down to the lower reaches of Oregon.

She reigns and rules as Head of State, of Government & Church at the Kwa'mutsun Nation State {as defined and attested to by international law scholars from Europe; with backgrounds at the UN international law division} as this absolute monarch {Elizabeth II's rule is limited is a constitutional monarch}.

So, when her grandson is taken into Sears Canada custody on a suspicion of shoplifting - with provincial police and RCMP coming into attendance during this apprehension; and, they do not find any claim to Sears' merchandise in his possession ... they charge him anyways ... now, bear in mind that Crown Canada's prison's are  populated 78% by these "first settlers" People'; that 60% of children seized into provincial care are "first settlers" persons; and, that of the >50,000 children who died in those "Indian Residential and Day Schools, 4000 died in B.C. before 1996 ... and, that HRM Hwuneem's family possesses diaries kept by her late husband; who as a nine year old attendee at one of these IRS institutions had the duty of going out in the darkness of night to bury little shoe boxes that contained the deceased newly born children at these "IRS prisons".

Hence, HRM Hwuneem has judged that the time has arrived to bring her dominion, reign and rule forward to the attention of Elizabeth II in Canada. And, she has instructed the relevant parties that she will hold court between Sears Canada and her grandson through both customary law and international law provisions.

The HRM Hwuneem injunctions delivered and received in Victoria court served the purpose of seizing jurisdiction over this matter of the Sears' dispute with her 21 year old grandson Jeremey Louie.

This notice of paramount jurisdictional claim against Elizabeth II's court {judges take an oath only to Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors} was explained to the Victoria courts as being a demand for Elizabeth's courttyo recuse itself; to step aside due to lack of jurisdiction {The Douglas "treaties" are null and void for want of original authority to enter into land purchases - in particular the HBC Charter limited the company to trade relations only ... and, that Charter did not receive either long or short parliamentary approval; so its died before 1700}.

So, the next BC Victoria court date for Jeremey Louis is scheduled for February 18th.

In betwen that time, HRM Hwuneem will be gathering the collegial members of these other 1100 absolute independent, sovereign nation states that populate Turtle Island North {North America} for a general council on these jurisdictional matters ... The UN and the European Union are relevatively benign on these matters ... i.e, settling the Ukraine border issues through Peace Trust Friendship provisions - as opposed to oil barters.

Truth is hard to put down. 
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